A one hour 121 session with Kate Beavis


Need some help to push yourself forward in your business?

Want to take the plunge and leave your full time job but need a plan on how to do it?

Want to get press but really don’t know where to start? Or maybe you have written a press release but don’t know what to do next?

Let me help.

I offer a 1-2-1 service for anyone, client or not, to discuss whatever it is that you feel you need help with. My expertise is social media, PR, blogging and email marketing, but as I have been in retail and marketing for 18 years, and run my own business for 7 I can help and support with most things.

The best way for you to get support is to join one of my programmes: the Indie PR HUB or Indie PR LAB but I realise for some, that you don’t want the commit to a full programme.

If you want my ear and advice to get your business moving, or help you get unstuck then you can book an one off 121 with me here. I can also review any pitches and strategies and point you in the right direction.

How this works:

After payment has been actioned,  go to http://indiepr.setmore.com to access my calendar. Here you will see options of 121s – you need to book into the One Hour 121 (Paypal) option. This will then take you to my diary and simply click on the time you want. We can have the call via Skype or by phone – up to you.





Indie PR with Kate Beavis

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