SEO Masterclass, June 5th 1.30pm

Last year I searched on Google for the term Vintage Expert, which was what I wanted to be known for, and indeed was known for.

I couldn’t find my site, I looked and looked and then gave up at about page 10. I was shocked as I presumed I would rank high, as it was such an important term for me and my brand. Let’s face it, writing and speaking gigs depended on it!

That evening I set about changing it. I worked for a few hours behind the scenes on my site determined to rank high for such an important phrase. I put into practice simple SEO solutions and within a few weeks I jumped from zero to number three. A few weeks after that I hit number one, number two and number three  (and what’s more, my key competitor dropped quite a few spaces) and I also appeared twice in the top 10 in Google Images.

I am telling you this because many people would have you believe that SEO is the dark art and that you have to pay mega bucks to crack it. I am here to tell you that you are capable of doing it yourself.

And I want to show you how.

On June 5th at 1.30 I am hosting an online masterclass where I will share you 5 ways to improve your SEO. I will give you loads of tips and ideas as well as sharing how I went from no where to number one on page one. You will also get a checklist to go away with to help you.

This is a live session so you can ask me anything as we go and I will do a q&a at the end.

The investment for the training is £21.50 and you can watch it again afterwards. It will be available to purchase after the 5th but you won’t get the live interaction with me and the chance to ask me questions.

I really hope you join me at the session. Tickets can be bought here